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Range of Products
Stamping Parts
This includes a wide range of parts from .05mm to upto 10mm thickness, supplied to diverse category of customers in Automotive, White goods, Marine & other engineering applications.
Deep Draw Components
We produce a wide range of Deep Draw Components in various sizes. This includes Silencers, Air Cleaners, Bowls, Draw parts for Actuators and many other applications.
Sheet Metal Assemblies & Fabrication Parts
With our setup of assembly operations like welding, brazing, riveting, we produce assemblies of combining press parts and machining/pipe components.
Our range of gasket includes metallic gasket, soft gasket in non asbestos based cellulose/aramid material and sandwich gasket.
Pipe Components
We produce different types of pipe components & assemblies with processes like pipe bending, welding, flaring, brazing.
Washers & Shims/Spacers

We manufacture all types of standard & non standard washers, shims & spacers in various metals like Copper, SS, Aluminium & Carbon Steel.